Gallbladder/Liver Flush

Today my hubby and I are going through a gallbladder/liver flush. It is the first time for him, but I have been through this several times. About 12 years ago I was advised by my doctor that removing my gallbladder would be the course of action to remedy the symptoms that I was going through and my liver was enlarged. The idea of removing organs to remedy a situation wasn’t that appealing to me, so I went looking for alternatives. I had already done kidney and colon cleanses and gone through the process of food elimination diets (successfully) to find out what was causing my weekly migraines. The gallbladder cleanse came to me via my grandfather in a book written by Dr. Hilda Clark.

In the book Dr. Clark talks about the process of clearing the body of non-beneficial parasites, virus, and bacteria, while opening up the elimination channels so the body can process and remove toxins from the system more efficiently. I was having gallbladder attacks with significant enough pain to create high levels of motivation. Fasting from 2pm, drinking epsom salts at 6, 8, and 10pm, and downing a grapefruit & olive oil concoction was down right miserable, not to mention the elimination of the bowels (all night long.) Epsom salts are a highly effective laxative. If you are intrigued by the body and what it does you will be fascinated and rewarded by the process. If you are only after results then hang on for a ride and don’t look down, although I would wager you will.

The liver is part of the immune system. Blood and lymph both get filtered through it to clean out chemicals, metabolic byproduct, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungi, yeasts, and what it doesn’t clean out the kidneys, skin, lungs, mucosa, or uterus clean out. If the liver and gallbladder are compromised or overworked then either the other channels of elimination take on the excess or the material gets stored- most likely in the fat cells. The liver also: regulates the amounts of glucose, protein, and fat that enter the bloodstream, processes most of the nutrients absorbed by the intestines, stores nutrients such as vitamin A, iron, and other minerals, produces clotting factors, and it produces certain important proteins, such as albumin and cholesterol.

While medium-chain triglycerides are absorbed straight into the blood stream, all other types of fats have to be covered with bile and chopped up by pancreatic enzymes to allow them through the intestinal wall and into the lymph. The lymph system then takes it to the Left Subclavian Vein, dropping them in, to then be distributed throughout the body. One group of fats known as cholesterol play important roles in the body. LDL’s (Low Density Lipoproteins aren’t bad in normal levels) deliver cholesterol to cells, while HDL’s (High Density Lipoproteins) take cholesterol back to the liver. Cholesterol is a waxy fat substance that doesn’t get broken down in the body. Our bodies make cholesterol and we get it through the foods that we eat. It is used to make vitamin D and has other cellular functions. I am going on about cholesterol because it is also used in the liver to wrap up neat packages of toxins, chemicals, and substances the liver needs to remove from the body. The waxy cholesterol doesn’t get broken down, making a safe transport from the liver, through the gallbladder, into the intestines, and out of your bum.

With the high exposure to environmental chemicals, globalized microbes, and excess consumption of food and alcohol- our bodies, especially our livers, are working overtime. The increased processing can create backlogs in the liver and gallbladder. Cellulite, lipomas, gallstones, and cirrhosis are some of the byproducts of compromised function. There are thousands of ducts in the liver that wrap and shuffle these packages to the gallbladder. These flush out with the bile in response to eating food (especially foods with fat content.)

The cleanse capitalizes on this process. The epsom salts have two functions: 1.) they clear the bowel system and create a quick evacuation of the toxins, and 2.) they dilate the liver ducts allowing for more matter to flow through them. The olive oil acts as a trigger, causing the gallbladder to jettison bile and other contents. The grapefruit emulsifies fats/oils. While the L-Ornathine helps to break down uric acid in the blood stream and helps you to sleep. The basic analogy is that you’re causing your liver to sneeze with a high volume of pressure.

Benjamin (B) and Meda (M) Experience Updates:
B: 5:00pm in car: Thinking how much I was happy it was Meda, not me, doing it.
M: 5:00pm in car: Excitedly anticipating the benefits after the cleanse.

B: 6:00pm after realizing participation: How much I would rather eat cheesy gf pizza. Wondering how I would feel during and after the process.
M: 6:00pm after talking B into it: Super excited he is going to go through this process with me. Kind of concerned about his reaction to the explanation of the process.

B: 7:00pm first drink: Meda lied that it doesn’t taste like salt.
M: 7:00pm first drink: It doesn’t taste like salt. It tastes like Magnesium sulfate, and it is awful.

B: 9:00pm second drink: Was even worse, couldn’t understand the physiological experience of getting cold after the fist drink.
M: 9:00pm second drink: Remembering how awful the colonoscopy prep was and telling myself this is better then that.

B: 11:00pm drinking concoction: Just trying to choke it down. Very little thought beyond how horrible it is.
M: 11:00pm drinking concoction: My memory of how awful it tasted was clouded by how happy I was afterwards. It actually tastes better then epsom salts by themselves, it is just the larger volume that tests your metal.

B & M: 11:45pm conversation: B “I’m never f***ing drinking that nasty s**t (Epsom salts) again” M “we’ll see.” B “no, no ‘we’ll see’ I’m not drinking Epsom salts ever again.” M “depends on the results, this isn’t supposed to be fun. It is functional.”

B: 12:00am waiting: I’m shocked there isn’t more movement going on. It’s been an hour since drinking the nasty ass concoction and my stomach only rumbled once.
M: 12:00am waiting: I need to sleep. Feeling pressure in my gallbladder/liver area.

M: 1:00am & 2:00am: Why am I still awake and why isn’t anything happening.
M: 3:00am: Stomach massage and release points. Movement, but no visits to the restroom.
B: 4:30am: Barely conscious, but moved about 100 cholesterol packages and a ton of waxy sludge.

B: 9:00am upon waking: Shocked at how hungover I felt.
M: 9:00am upon waking: Still waiting… a little disappointed. I even drank a liter of organic apple juice to help prep.

B: 11:00am: Annoyed at Meda and at how little had moved in comparison to the large volume of laxatives ingested.
M: 11:00 am: Little spat between Benjamin and Meda (hangry Tlingits.) He points out that the book says a kidney cleanse is recommended first. The book does recommend a kidney cleanse first, my thoughts on that are that the book is designed for newbies to the getting healthy world and we are already on a regimen of better eating and lifestyle. He may be right though, we might need the kidney cleanse then repeat the gallbladder process.

Could the low outcomes be due to our livers being svelte perfection? Well to be honest, No. With the amount of environmental toxins the average person is exposed to in the air, food, hygiene, cleaners, textiles, autos, and other industry uses, it is almost unheard of for a person to come out totally clean. For us the cleanse isn’t in response to excess consumption, it is in response to living in a highly toxic environment for two years. We were exposed to toxic mold, bugs in the well/water system, off grid outhouse, inadequate water/sewer system, inadequate food storage, carcinogens from primary wood heat, dust, beavers neighbored in the river, mouse population around the house that moved in, and chronic HIGH level stress response. We constantly worked to combat or remedy all of the above items, but even that created more intimate exposure to them. We have been in a slow process of detoxing and healing over the fall and winter. The low outcomes just are a clear sign that more needs to be done and we are worse off then first thought. Our goals are to be spry, healthy, and ready to go by spring equinox.

M: 1:30pm Happy update: About 20 Green cholesterol packets. Green means they were sitting in my gallbladder. The largest one was about half a thumbnail.

B: 1:45pm Happy update: Green/black cholesterol packets and a cholesterol sludge.

How can you tell the difference between regular fecal matter and cholesterol sludge? Fat and cholesterol float, while excrement is supposed to sink. If your excrement floats it means you’re not processing fats properly.

Standard Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. Please see your medical provider before doing anything. There are no guarantees. Your experiences may vary. I am not responsible for your actions and outcomes in any way.

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In the modern world’s emphasis on hyper communication is it is easy to assume that we are fully understood,  but often find ourselves arguing over semantics or labels and completely miss out on the opportunity for real conversation. With clarity and agreement on language, it’s easier to focus on the priority of connecting on a deeper level, and will usually find that there is more in common with each other then different. For this reason today’s blog is intended to create an understanding of some of the terms and concepts that I regularly use so that we can engage in deeper discussions.

The text below is based on some of my contributions to the Doorway to a Sacred Place guide in the chapter on Spirituality.

Worldview is all of your gathered knowledge, wisdom, and experience that create a framework for understanding how to interact with the world and what your purpose is.

Culture is a definition and expression of worldview that has been developed by a group; its formation is both intentional and unintentional. The intentional aspects are developed through what is chosen to be handed down. The unintentional aspects are defined by environment, events, and influences from other cultures. Living culture is then handed down through generations, imbuing inheritors with a collective wisdom that can be added to creating a cultural identity that transcends the limitations of time and physicality. The combination of culture and worldview guide the foundations and development of spirituality.

Spirituality as defined within this context is the relationship that you have with your spirit, people around you, the world, higher power, cosmology, and the spirit that resides within everything. Simply put, it is all about relationship and how you choose to interact with aspects that are inside, outside, and beyond yourself. Spirit is the substance that fills and defines the physical vessel. Spiritual beliefs are built from the totality of your experience; your entire life has led you to this moment.

Spirit is the life force energy that flows through you like a spring. Matter from Mother Earth creates your physical being based on a DNA blueprint and genetic expressions. Spirit fills your being and flows through it like electricity through wires and a circuit board. This energy carries with it the soul, or essence, of where it came from. Energy runs through you and is not limited to spiritual beliefs, activities, or the lack thereof. The type of energy that runs through you can be refined and increased or decreased. For instance, physical things such as exercise, food, drink, medicine, substances, air, and even items that you surround yourself with all affect the energy you bring into yourself. Other determinants are social in nature, like family, friends, coworkers, social groups, and even random people around you in everyday life. Also the effects of your mental activity from thoughts, work, anxieties, books, media, education, and daily decisions, as well as your emotions and the emotions that you choose to effect in others. By creating positive or negative emotions in others, you will, in fact, determine the energy that will return to you. Free will is the most powerful tool that you have in your life. Use it to choose what energy is brought to you, fills you, and goes out into this world.

Spiritual Health is the proper balance, connection, and flow of spirit through one’s being. Spiritual health is often overlooked and regarded as either unimportant, unreal, or is just plain misunderstood, with physical health being the primary focus and relegating mental, emotional, and behavioral health to a secondary role.

An illness can be sensed in a person’s energy field before it manifests in an emotional, mental, behavioral, or physical way. The flow of energy can be deficient, in excess, or at the wrong frequency. Ignoring spiritual health can put one out of balance or cause disconnection, resulting in dis-ease or negative life experiences. For optimal wellness, the mind, body, and spirit all need to be properly nourished, supported, and exercised regularly.

Traditional Indigenous Cultures honor all life, understanding that the energy which runs through them runs through all of known and unknown reality, rendering all things equal. Energy defines itself through the matrix in which it travels, with perceived differences only being an illusion. Anything that creates energy movement or flow, such as light waves, sound waves, chemical reactions, or biological processes cause the transference, movement, and the release of energy. The universe is built on a system of entropy that requires energy to be utilized for the continuation of a state of stasis; the stagnation of energy automatically creates degradation, and a lack of energy flow results in a sedimentary layer of existence that is neither life nor death; a conscious state of inaction that has no known way of moving or transforming, becoming inert and eventually requiring energy from other sources to fill the void.

Death is not the opposite of life, it is one of the processes that lead to new life through the decay of matter that releases energy, making it available to be used in a new form, as when a star goes nova or a plant puts the last of its energy into roots or seeds. Everything is in a continual state of cyclical change whether it is the lifespan of a gnat or the of the universe.

Indigenous people have historically used the tools in their environment to create positive energy flow and life while honoring the process of death. Death was not seen as the ending, but as the transference of energy into a new state of being, inevitably creating the transmission of energy and continuation of life in a new form. When energy is expressed through a form, it is imprinted with the identity or personality. The spirit of it never dies; it only transforms into a new state of being, with the collective experiences, character, and wisdom of energy referred to as the soul.

Our ancestors live on and are the foundation of life as it is expressed. We honor them through our actions and expressions of culture, perpetuating the collective wisdom that exists in us and all that is around us.

Today, many people are experiencing the effects of spiritual sickness, which is a disconnection from the truth of our existence. This disconnection leads to unhealthy relationships in all areas of an individual’s life, including the unchecked growth of the ego. Some ego is necessary for making choices, but an identity based on living as an individual separate from or above other life is unhealthy and limits the natural rhythm and flow of life force energy. Unchecked growth of ego feeds on the collection and control of energy or power, creating stagnation and early, unnatural decay. The remaining potential for expression is unrealized, leaving that energy imprinted with the identity of debt. If an intervention does not occur, this energy continues as a debt imprint, stifling energy flow and creating an insatiable appetite dedicated to obtaining more.

Our ancestors understood that a person was born with their life force energy expressed through the physical, emotional, and mental body. This expression of self is governed through free will, with individuals retaining the choice to express life force energy in any way that they choose. For this reason, people were empowered with positive tools for living and the ability to make self-actuated choices, fostering a framework of sovereign beings working in cooperation within the collective identity to balance and support one another. The elders would recognize the alignment or path of the individual and would foster the strongest traits. This is often misunderstood by outsiders as fatalistic programing, giving the individual one option of future purpose. When quite the contrary it is a highly evolved form of communal recognition and support of the individuals path and future purpose.

Spiritual health and positive expression of life force energy can be seen in nature and the elements. Plants and animals are our brothers and sisters who have agreed to assist us in surviving and thriving. For instance the Alaska Native people have lived in this environment for well over 10,000 years and have developed deep, interdependent relationships with plants, animals, insects, minerals, and the elements. While change is inevitable and is a fundamental part of the ebb and flow that creates the natural cycle of life, we are currently witnessing what happens when our relationship with the environment is out of balance. We cannot return to exactly how it was before, but we can take action to have a more balanced and healthier relationship with our environment. This is critical for our continued survival.

Checking in

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to give an update. About a week and a half ago I was rear ended on the highway. My car was totaled, but thankfully my daughter and I are in one piece and on the mend. Reasonably, blogging hasn’t been my priority since then (even though several posts are in the works) and I questioned whether or not I should continue on this adventure. My friends and family are all excited that I am working on this project, but I wondered if their enthusiasm was in support of my enthusiasm or actually of what I was writing. After reading a great article on Imposter Syndrome I realized that I did, in fact, need to push through my own false walls. The Universe has also given a few small nudges of support.

The other evening we went to visit a friends home for her graduation celebration. Upon arriving to their house we were swept up in the energy of great friends enjoying the warmth of the home, delicious food, lively conversation, kids running everywhere, and a wild game of Snerts (a staple of any social gathering worth being at.) It wasn’t until the end of the evening when I was able to introduce myself to an unknown member of the social swirl of energy. Holding out my hand I said “Hi, I’m Meda.” She paused, her eyes widening, then she said “are you  medaphysics?” Blushing from the surprise of recognition I just simply said “yah.” She was excited to meet me, said she loved my blog, and was waiting for more posts. We chatted for a few moments and I found out that she has a degree in Metaphysics. Brimming with excitement I turned to my husband and friend and said did you see that?! Of course they saw the whole thing and both grinned at me in amusement sprinkled with a topping of “I told you so.”

Choosing Peace

One winter afternoon I was taking a walk. In the quiet, soft winter sunshine the presence of spirit came to my side and walked with me. Soon it asked, “If you could have anything, what would it be?” Contemplating I continued forward weighing the needs of myself, family, community, and world. Finally in conclusion the answer broke the silence “World Peace.” The being laughed and laughed and then belly laughed. Annoyed I retorted “Well, what the heck is so funny? I am serious!” To which the being replied, “You have it already, you just have to choose it.”

Immediately my mind thought of the sheer amount of people currently inhabiting Earth and what it would take to get 7+ billion humans to choose World Peace. In the state of feeling so overwhelmed and outnumbered, the being showed me the group consciousness. An ocean of thoughts, emotions, intentions, and dreams. Each person emitting thought waves that converge, clash, meld, and morph with the intention of those around them. One person can flavor the thoughts of those around them and with intent and clarity can influence a great number of people around them. At that point light and hope came flooding back when I saw that we did not need all 7 billion people to choose Peace, we only need enough to hit titration* of the human consciousness.

To understand titration visualize two clear solutions being added to each other one drop at a time until a blink of color shows, then as another drop falls mixing and increasing the ratio of molecules the color sustains for a moment longer, until finally a drop falls and the whole solution turns to the indicator color with the sustained reaction achieved.

This visual of titration is an important analogy that shows the process that the collective human consciousness goes through while changing. Humans are in a constant state of ebb and flow, meaning I cannot tell you how many people have to reach what stage of enlightenment to achieve sustained titration of the whole human consciousness. This is a moving target. What I can tell you is we are in a constant shift towards group evolution of enlightenment and the dark side is fighting for its existence and it fights dirty- no holds bar. Only a fraction of the human population is needed to change the whole of human consciousness and our future. The challenge is that we need to obtain and maintain our sustained potency of enlightenment (enlightenment is used as a verb because it is a maintained state of being) with multiple outcomes of future shifting through our crosshairs.

In each and every one of us there is light and dark. Both are valuable and both are necessary to be manifest in the physical universe. You can think of this balance as light/dark, masculine/feminine, energy/matter, positive/negative, acid/base, etc. The polarities are necessary for our physical experience. What we are up against isn’t the dark, it is ourselves. The experience of being a balanced being connected to community, Mother Earth, and a higher power is functional and allows life to flourish. It is a form of dysfunction when the mind separates itself from responsibility to others. One manifestation of this dysfunction is referred to as evil. Evil is a man-made creation, or reality, that we are consciously choosing to enter into. Even through the act of apathy one is consciously choosing not to choose, which is choosing to forfeit one’s right to direct thine own will. These agreements of choice are entered into in a fraction of a second and can be exited out of just as quickly. If enough of us choose Peace we would have it and we could have it immediately.

The most powerful force in this universe that we have access to wield is our free will. Each one of us is powerful, meaningful, and valuable. Each one of us has the power to change the world. You are no less worthy or more valuable than any other person, and united we can co-create a world based on living well and free from unwarranted suffering. IT IS TIME to realize your worth and your duty.

The other day a woman who I highly respect said to me “We are awake, we just don’t know what to do.”

Through this writing series we will explore the process of change and enlightenment together. For today we will start with a lesson on intention. Judgments over others is a negative filter on your intention. For example: when you pray for someone to change in a specific way that you feel is best for them. While it may be well intentioned, the prayer may be going against their free will. Going against someone’s free will, no matter how well intentioned, creates a negative relationship. Forcing a person’s will creates resistance to the outcome, even if the outcome is positive, it is inauthentic. Inauthentic outcomes will not last and eventually will cause a person to revert to the old behavior or transition into self-defeating avoidance behaviors. The power behind a person’s choice to change themselves will create the commitment to the change. Let go of judgments or attachments to anticipated outcomes.

To create intention or prayer for a person or a situation would simply be to pray for the highest good, to put energy out there that is aligned with the most positive realistic outcomes possible. To come to World Peace we have to release our concepts of “them against us” and put prayer, intention, and power behind the light in all of us. The power is within you, World Peace is the way forward and we need you to help it grow.


*Titration is a technique where a solution with known concentration (titrant) is used to determine the concentration of a solution with unknown concentration (titrand.) Basically the titrant creates a chemical reaction in ‘x’ amount of molecules per drop. The titrant is added to the titrand until the reaction is completed. The drops are counted very precisely until the titrand has gone through a full chemical reaction. The number of titrant drops are then calculated with the volume of titrand it was added to and the concentration of the titrand can then be determined. For more in-depth instruction on titration you can visit the Kahn academies YouTube channel at:


Introduction to Meda

IMG_0717Blog Goal:
To share perspectives on spirituality and living well from a Tlingit Traditional Healer/Americana Folk Healer. Looking at what is behind the ocean of thought that forms the basis of our experienced reality.



Meda DeWitt Schleifman yoo xhat doo’wa saak’w. Naanyaa.aayi naa xhat sitee. Kaach.aadi yadee. Shtuxeen kwaan dax aya xhat.

On both sides of my lineage you can find Medicine men and women, spiritual leaders, chiefs or royalty, activists, military, community doers, and more. My great uncle Haines Dewitt named me Tśa Tsée Naakw (Little tiny song birds medicine.) In 2008 I was given my clan name of Khaatukhł.aat which has no english translation. And in the summer of 2015 I was adopted into the Cree Nation by Harry Watchmaker with the name Boss Eagle Spirit Woman, Boss for short.

It was known that I was intuitive since the time I was a child. At the age of four I looked at a guy on the city bus and knew he was so sad because his wife left him. I started talking to him about what I saw. I remember the look on his face of confusion, surrender, and gratitude while talking to me about how much he missed her and how sad he was without her. When talking to my mother she said I called them my “AB’s” like ABC’s and it was always there.

My husband Benjamin Schleifman and I currently live in the Mat-Su Valley, my of children rang in age from 3-15. Some of my most notable teachers have been Ralph E. Wiser II, Jackie Schoppert, and Dr. Rita Blumenstein. I have been able to create space for connection and healing through the Alaskan Plants as Food and Medicine symposium for four years. I have either organized trainings for or personally trained over a thousand people on how to work with plant medicine. I have provided insight through intuitive readings and Chiromancy to people for almost twenty years. And I have provided massage therapy, manual therapy, and energy balancing/clearing since 2007.

This blog is an avenue for sharing thoughts, experiences, and wisdom from spirit. Serving as a way to organize thoughts to eventually put them into a book. I am hoping that your interactions through feedback and questions will help to develop the message more fully.

A few friends wrote some stories to help convey my muchness. It was incredibly hard writing an intro blog and I am so grateful for their help.

“I’ve come to know Meda over the years, as she married one of my dear friends. Im connected to her through not only my friend/brother, but also through our cultures. When I first came to know Meda, I did, and still do to this day appreciate her compassion for the world. She sheds a bright light in the world, and helps to allow people to walk through the world in a healthier, more thoughtful way. Through her practice as a healer, but also as a wonderful human being who puts forth respect, integrity and her truest love into the world. Her dedication to her self, her body and to her loved ones is truly an inspiration. Meda sets a wonderful example of what its like to be a modern day healer, living in harmony with the world around her, and giving back to not only the land, and her people, but to the world as a whole.” Blake Shaá’koon Lepine, Whitehorse, YT.

“I first met Meda in Homer Alaska when she was giving readings at Camille’s shop. She was helpful and insightful, but the one gem she said to me was, I think you’d benefit from eating seasonally. I remember leaving thinking that makes total sense! So I started doing that, although it wasn’t as easy as I’d thought since we are accustomed to seeing all produce available in all seasons! Thankful for Google. Since then I’ve moved with sincere ease from a size 24 to a 14. That’s the only thing I changed and I even had a battle with cancer in the beginning of that change. Now I feel healthy and although many would panic if they were a size 14, I believe it is where my equilibrium lays. So I thank Meda for saying that to me because it’s the first thing I say to myself when I enter the produce section.” Heather Nicholas, Homer, AK

“The first time I met Meda was on a beach in Homer. Meda was there to attend a Community Healing and Wellness event. And I just happened to be there walking the beach after a day of fishing with my family. Like many Alaskan stories as my family and I walked the beach we came upon a beach fire with a few of my Alaskan friends. Stopping to chat we were introduced to everyone we didn’t know around the fire. Enjoying the view of a summer setting sun over the inlet and listening to old and new friends tell stories and share laughter.

I was fascinated as I listened to Meda speak of the traditional healing techniques she was sharing at the Community Healing and Wellness event. Here was a Tlingit Traditional Healer who was sharing: these are the natural gifts I was born with and taught to express, for my own health and the health of my community. I heard her speak of her ability to hold space for people as they sought answers to the deep questions that troubled their soul, mind and body. I thought to myself who is this lady? It would be nice to know her better; we have things to talk about.

And as it goes, we became friends. It has been a blessing to sit with Meda through the years to drink tea, walk the land, and participate in the dreaming of the future. I have found that Meda has many gifts and applies them as needed to the people who seek her counsel. She is a graceful public speaker who can hold space for the rhythm and flow of large gatherings. Meda is in touch with her ancestor line and the information she needs flows through her to help her family, friends, community and the Earth. I appreciate Meda’s strength to walk in both the old and new worlds in a good way, a healing way. Meda experiences the complexity of interrelationship at a deep personal level. She is loved and appreciated.” Jennifer Andrulli, Yupik Traditional Healer